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hot2rot said: merry Christmas friend!!! wishing you all the vegan cookies you can eat U3U

thaaaaank you! you are in my heart.

First off i just want to say, i’m not trying to offend ANYBODY AT ALL, i’m just speaking my mind.



You know what i’m tired of fucking double standards in society. I’m white, if i were to say nigga in front of the wrong people, i would get called racist and all this other bullshit, but if a black person called me a cracker, nobody would bat an eye. How come i can’t wear a cross necklace or pray in school but muslims can leave class to go pray towards Mecca. If somebody were to say something for equal rights for any of the big topics currently, and i point out that you can’t get shcolarships for being a straight, white male, such as myself, everbody would flip shit and say “well your people did this and that to whoever for whatever” why do you think i would do the same, and while on that, on both sides of my family my grandparents immigrated from the cayman islands, or germay, so that obviously wasn’t “my people”. it pisses me off that the only thing i could possibly get a scholarship for is being left handed, like what is that bullshit, i’m sorry i can’t can’t change my skin color or my heritage. Or i just say a proven fact against something that somebody cares about, which i’m not trying to belittle them just saying what i know, then i would get called out and made the bad guy. Or when a feminist says something bad about men, and i show them some actual good guys or say that we’re not all like that, and they are so close fucking minded that they just ignore my statement, but when they talk i’m expected to listen and hear what they are saying when they wont show the same courtesy to me. Fuck society and fuck all of you close minded people in it. If you trult wanted equal rights, then let everybody get the same oppurtunities instead of trying to boost your own groups. And just for the record, i’m not prejudice towards anybody for anthing. Only arrogant people who think that they are bettter because of one thing about them that makes them different, and wont even listen to someone who has a different opinion than them. There i fucking said it, and i don’t care what happens after i post this you can either cry and whine like a little bitch to me (which would only prove my point of how arrogant you are), or you could try to change your attitude about people with different opinions than you. and this is just a little piece on what i have to say about this

I think there’s a bingo in here.

I made a new art website:

here is an update

On September 26th, Van and I moved cross country on I-10, from Sarasota, Florida to Camarillo, California. ( for pictures) Instead of loading a trailer, we decided to pack our belongings into our car, the things that make us happy. Mostly art supplies. 

Now that we’ve settled into our new home, we are scrubbing out the area for jobs. We live next to a plaza of outlet stores so there’s a lot of things there. Also I could apply to model for American Apparel, since they do photoshoots in LA, I know they have problems but I personally wouldn’t mind getting paid to model again (and I had to be nude previously so I don’t mind 99.9% nude. Also they seem to be cool with body hair!), and I really really really need to start getting paid.

In other news, I am really enjoying not being on this website. Take a break if you caaaan it’s worth iiiit

heloooooo my computer will be fixed in a couple days! It sure was annoying having to go to ringling’s computers to Internet at all. I might check up on you all soon but I likely won’t stay too long bc honestly I like not browsing and compulsively checking this website all fucking day, and actually being productive for a change. Plus I have a ton of important things going on over here.

Shout out to these creeps that started following me as a result of my body hair picture from a while back (big surprise). I know, I am sexy 24/7, just not on my tumblr.


this deserves an oscar

This feels like way back when, playing make believe w other kids but viewing this from 1st person perspective

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I’ve been inactive for the last couple days bc my laptop had a hard drive failure, so I’m not completely sure if my hard drive is still intact, but gone, gone are my really important files (at least temporarily), updated resumes, letters to friends, and the sister project I’ve been working over all summer. gone (‘: back up your files, everybody

On the other hand, the loss of my computer is a huge benefit for this internet addiction I’ve been struggling with for the past couple years. I can really focus on reworking my portfolio, without being dependent on my computer to run a tv show in the background or something. This is the clarity I’ve desired for so long.

That said, I think I’m going to take a good long haitus from tumblr. I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time, but was just too flimsy to go through with it. I’ll stop by every so often to check up on people and post a little about how I’m doing. If you want to keep in contact with me, send me an ask saying so (no anons, and I have to trust you) and I’ll send you my email address. If you’re up for it, we can even be pen pals (though I’ll have to re-write my letters anyway).

Currently I’m on the library computer, that’s how I’m posting this.

I would put the top image under ‘things I have wasted years doing’, instead of ‘justgirlythings’. That’s sad.

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Remember ladies and gents and non-binary individuals, the ONLY reason Felipe Rose of the village people wears that headdress is BECAUSE HE IS LAKOTA and has performed in his regalia before there even was a village people.  so white gay people, you need to fucking not.

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my mom posted on facebook about how ‘welfare unmotivates people to look for better jobs’ I want to breathe fire all over that post

aughhh if some miracle happens and I can pay off my student loans I would want to separate from her and my stepfather asap, there’s only so much of this I can take and my quality of life would greatly improve without this load of stress they are pushing on me



idk, stuff i guess: vegansmustbestopped: nogginvoice: Vegan food is disgusting. Don’t ever…



Vegan food is disgusting. Don’t ever trust the look of it. I just ate bird seed. It tasted so bad. They literally eat bird seed.

Ha….It’s true. Plants are so icky and gross. The entirety of the edible plant based kingdom is literally bird seed….

I think OP has us confused with hikers, nature enthusiasts, or birds.


or squirrels


Anyone remember this book series?

these are way better than when homestuck did it

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i’d delete my blog but j could never give up this massive influence i have over a few young adults that also spend too much time online. i live for this

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i could have done without seeing a chicken shoved up inside some chick on my dash

the post literally right after this one… was that

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